It is with much sadness that we have decided to temporarily close our gallery space in Greystoke Ghyll. In our 42 years we have weathered many a storm and carried on through many a crisis but this time it’s different and we must all do our bit to stop the spread of this terrible disease. For us this means not encouraging visitors to come to Cumbria or tempt local people to leave the safety of their home to view our amazing art. 

However this does not mean that we are closed for business, our website will be kept completely up to date and we are expecting new work to keep arriving throughout this period. We will be answering the phone and checking emails and can provide a full delivery service to wherever you are in the event of a purchase. As work arrives we will email the images out to you all just to keep you all in touch with what is happening, and of course we will be working hard on the imminent and exciting release of a small selection of fantastic Gustard paintings in May, and our exhibition with Peter Symonds in the autumn will hopefully still be going ahead.

Closing the gallery is a tough decision to make, we love what we do and we have some of the nicest customers you could wish for, we’ll miss you! The good news is that this is just temporary and we will emerge in due course better than ever before. 

Please take very good care of yourselves, we look forward to seeing you all in better times, please keep in touch know how we love to talk!

Niki and Karen